Life-Work Balance Coaching

Using the principles of life coaching, I can support you to take a step back from your life, assess your priorities and work towards life and work goals that feel both achievable and fulfilling.  Life-work balance coaching might be worth considering if you:

  • Feel that you are living to work rather than working to live

  • Are returning to work after absence

  • Are a working parent and want to ‘have it all’

  • Are considering a career change

  • Are contemplating retirement

  • Feel at risk of burnout

  • Want to have more fun!

  • Don’t feel productive in the work place

  • Have lost your sense of self

  • Have experienced a significant life change and need to find a new normal


Whatever your situation, the first step is recognising that you’d like things to change – and being prepared to work hard to find a new normal that is more fulfilling.  My role is not to tell you what to do, but rather to support you in taking control of your own life.  Recognising where change is needed and how to go about making that change happen – you’ll explore how to create and seize opportunities as well as how to overcome barriers and difficulties.  


The coaching process is different for everyone; some people need just a few sessions to kickstart life changes, others stick around a little longer to develop their skills and consolidate change, others keep in touch longer term; returning as and when new difficulties or motivations arise.  It’s really up to you and from the beginning, I will work with you to map out clear goals and objectives for your sessions – which will be revisited often to ensure that you’re happy with your progress, and adapting the sessions to meet your changing needs.  

I can coach you via video-link or telephone at times to suit you.  Each session lasts an hour and you’ll have plenty of thinking to do in between – you’ll get far more from the sessions if you commit to working and thinking between sessions too.  

A hugely important element of coaching is your relationship with the coach – so if you’re considering coaching and would like to explore whether you think you could work well with me, please be in touch to book in a free fifteen minute introductory call– this will give us a chance to get to know one another and explore how we might work together.   

I've answered all your most commonly asked questions in the following video - you can also watch it on YouTube.