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September 8, 2023

DOWNLOAD | Comfort Audit to Prevent Sensory Overwhelm

The comfort audit is a very simple tool that encourages us to step into the shoes of our students and see or setting from their point of view. Using the download as a prompt if you wish to, step into your classroom or space imagining yourself in a student’s shoes. Consider what they would see, hear, feel and smell and anything else that they might notice.

It can be helpful to do this from the point of view of different students or different places in the space. How does this feel for a student with ADHD, how about your autistic student? How does it feel at the back of the room? What about up near the front?

This can be a great activity for a few minutes on an INSET day and can work even better if people visit each other’s spaces and share ideas about how they think that space would feel from the point of view of a student before exploring ideas for simple adaptions to address any issues identified.

It can also be very interesting to do this exercise alongside a student – be prepared for some very honest and sometimes quite surprising responses.

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