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April 14, 2023

DOWNLOAD: Tricky Moments Plan

It can help to plan ahead for tricky moments and consider what trusted adults can do to help in this situation.  Having a clear plan in place can often prevent things from escalating. Here’s a simple resource to help.

Warning Signs

List here the signs that a supporting adult might be able to notice that might indicate that you are needing some support.Perhaps you become very quiet or seem angry or you stop answering questions in class.

You could also develop a signal or sign to show you need help, e.g. ‘If I put my red pen on the table it means I need some help please.’

What helps

Here, you list the different things that help you in these moments.  They might be things you can do for yourself or things that other people can support with. Consider what’s helped in the past and try to list a few things for different situations.

Notice what helps more and what helps less and alter this section over time to reflect that.

Please don’t

If there’s anything that people sometimes do or say that makes you feel worse, note it here. Sometimes people are trying to help and they get it wrong; you can help them avoid that.

What next

Write here about the backup plan if the ideas above don’t help. Is there somewhere or someone you can go to if you need further support?

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