8 practical strategies for Supporting Pupils who are struggling

When asked to deliver keynote presentations or workshops at events, I always try to keep them super practical as I've found that that's what folk are after. In September, Medica CPD commissioned me to present at their annual children's mental health conference in Glasgow and Medica's CEO set me an awesome challenge... she said I had an hour and that she wanted no introduction, no fluff, just pure practical ideas that everyone could try out.

It was a great success and I've been asked to deliver the session or versions of it many times since (quick plug - if you'd like me to talk at your event, email me pooky@inourhands.com). To back up the session, I created videos of each of the practical strategies I suggested - so you can all use them too. Each of these is pretty simple and highly adaptable. I hope you like them:

1. Window of tolerance

2. Lists

3. Recognise, reflect, replace

4. Self-soothe box

5. 5,4,3,2,1

6. Mood journaling

7. Box breathing

8. Wellbeing action plan

I haven't made a video for this one yet but you can order copies of the wellbeing action plan (which I developed with Young Carers whilst I was a director at the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust) here. or download them here.