Bitesize CPD: How to listen so young people feel heard

Short sharp bursts of CPD can be highly effective - so I'm going to start building a series of suggested bitesize CPD sessions with brief, practical ideas that could be incorporated into your regular meetings.

Today's suggested session is aimed at boosting our listening skills. The aim is to enable ourselves to become empathetic listeners who listen to understand rather than to respond. This type of listening enables young people (or adults!) opening up to use to feel truly heard.

Give staff a chance to watch and discuss the video. The video may naturally generate discussion but here are some starters for ten in case you get stuck?

  • Why is it important for children to feel heard?

  • What are the challenges to being a good listener?

  • Quality rather than quantity of listening is important - but how do we achieve it?

  • What small steps could we all take to improve our listening?

  • Can we practise these listening skills with parents too?

  • How about with staff?

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