Bitesize CPD: Exploring self-disclosure by trusted adults

Short sharp bursts of CPD can be highly effective - so I'm going to start building a series of suggested bitesize CPD sessions with brief, practical ideas that could be incorporated into your regular meetings.

Today's suggested session explores whether it's ever appropriate for us to share details of our own experience when supporting a child.

Give staff a chance to watch and discuss the video. The video may naturally generate discussion but here are some starters for ten in case you get stuck?

  • What are the dangers of opening up about our own experience?

  • How do we safeguard our own wellbeing?

  • What if a conversation with a child is triggering / difficult for us?

  • Are there some things we should never share?

  • Would we be more or less likely to share a personal experience of cancer or depression - why?

  • What should we do if we're unsure? Who can we talk to?

  • Have you got experiences of when this went well?

  • Have you got experiences of when this went less well?

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