Bitesize CPD: what you do matters

Short sharp bursts of CPD can be highly effective - so I'm going to start building a series of suggested bitesize CPD sessions with brief, practical ideas that could be incorporated into your regular meetings.

This time I suggest sharing a video I made which I hope will help your staff take stock of the impact they are likely having on their pupils, even on the days when they don't realise they're making a difference.

This video can be a great pick me up at the beginning or end of term, or at any time when you feel staff are at a bit of a low ebb. I'd suggest sharing the whole video then perhaps considering some of the questions below.

You may find this quite naturally generates discussion in your staffroom, but some questions you could use to direct the discussion include:

  • Is there a time that has stuck in your memory when someone did something for you that had a big impact on you, but probably didn't stick with them?

  • Share a story of a colleague in the room who you think has had a bigger impact on a child or member of staff than they realise

  • Share a time when someone in the room has made a big difference to you

  • Does it matter if we don't always see the impact of our actions?

  • How can we keep motivated when we don't see the impact of our actions?

  • Can we / should we try to create 'post it note moments'?

If this struck a chord, you might also like this TED talk by Drew Dudley which is on a similar theme - though this time it's about lollipops, not post it notes...

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