Bitesize CPD: Workplace wellbeing - practical strategies for line managers

Short sharp bursts of CPD can be highly effective - so I'm going to start building a series of suggested bitesize CPD sessions with brief, practical ideas that could be incorporated into your regular meetings.

Today's suggested session is aimed at line managers and will provide some good starting points for discussions about what steps we can take to promote staff wellbeing.

Give staff a chance to watch and discuss the video. The video may naturally generate discussion but here are some starters for ten in case you get stuck:

  • What are we currently doing well?

  • What are we doing less well?

  • What are some simple steps we could take?

  • What challenges are we likely to face?

  • What do the rest of the staff think / say?

  • Do staff feel heard / supported?

  • What will success look like?

  • How can we measure the impact of any changes ?

  • Is there any best practice locally we can learn from?

  • How can we involve staff in decisions?

  • Who else should be involved?

  • What is the most urgent priority and when can we get started?

  • When and how will we check progress? Whose responsibility is this?

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