Calming Keychain - simple grounding resource

Inspired by video I made of the 54321 grounding approach (see video below), James Gearing Head of the Autism and Behaviour Support Service at Brookfields Specialist SEN School made this simple keychain for one of his pupils:

James said "I was using the resource for a young person I am working with who has anxiety around fireworks. We found through a bit of ‘stress mapping’ and exploration that it was somethingthey couldn’t actively avoid – current strategy was ear defenders and a blanket – and so we talked about ‘grounding’ ourselves in the moment to focus on surroundings and take the weight out of the anxiety of fireworks and the related noise possibly occurring. They liked the idea of the keyring because it was subtle and made them feel a bit more grown-up… "

I thought it was a resource that others might like too - you can download James' template here; or you could make your own. A really simple, practical idea - thank you James!