Can you create compelling video content? I'm looking for video courses to commission…

Today Creative Education (my family's business) soft launched ‘YouCan’ our new on demand video training for teachers. It will be ever-growing and is a subscription based service with schools buying licences for their full staff.

So far there are 20 courses, each course is made up of a series of short video modules where each video (typically 2-8 minutes) shares one idea or practical point. To get a feel for the kind of content we’re developing, you can register to complete two free courses here.

I am currently looking for people who can help develop content for the site. You need to be able to capture good enough video/audio. You don’t need to do any fancy editing, I can do that. You just need to write and film a series of short videos that can make up one of our courses. It needs to appeal to school staff but does not have to be mental health related (in fact, ideally not, I can cover that!)

I’m open to suggestions. Very practical courses are likely to be most well received.

To pitch an idea for a course.  I’ll need to know:

  • Course title

  • Course modules (i.e. a list of individual videos that sit within the course)

  • A summary of the course, who it’s for, why it’s important

  • A couple of sentences about your experience in the topic area

  • How long you would take to develop the course if commissioned

  • Your proposed fee

ALL pitches, must be accompanied by a sample video.  The video could be any one of the modules within the course. Video pitches should:

  • Be no more than five minutes long

  • Share one practical strategy or idea

  • Be aimed at school staff, giving all the information they would need to try this idea out for themselves

  • Be as similar to the modules you would produce if commissioned as possible

The video should demonstrate your teaching style, and give me an idea of the audio/visual quality they are able to produce using the equipment you currently have access to. 

I will commission online learning regardless of whether you’ve worked for Creative Education before if the pitch is compelling. 

Please send your video pitch (using wetransfer or similar) and the details requested to

Please pass this information on to anybody who might be interested.

Thank you!