I'm writing a book and I need YOUR help (please!)

I’m currently writing a practical book for schools about how to take a whole school approach to mental health. It’s based on my 6 question litmus test (see below). I’m looking for schools who can share good practice about each of the 6 questions. Ideally I’d love really specific practical ideas that are relatively easily implemented and make a tangible difference.

If you’d like to help, please consider whether you’ve got some specific best practice ideas to share around one or more of the following 6 points:

  1. Staff at my school are happy and healthy

  2. My school feels safe and welcoming

  3. The voice of every learner is heard and valued

  4. We recognise and support our most vulnerable learners

  5. Parents positively engage with my school

  6. Students, staff and parents seek help when needed

If you do, please email pooky@inourhands.com with between 100 and 500 words explaining:

  • What you did

  • What the impact was

You might also like to consider

  • Any barriers you’ve had to overcome

  • Who was involved

  • What helped

  • What you’d do differently another time

  • Advice for others keen to try this idea or a version of it

Please also let me know how I can attribute the case study. This would usually be your name, your role, your school – but if you’d like to be anonymous that’s fine too.

Please also provide a once sentence summary of your school type / phase / demographic / location to help readers identify with you and make sure you’ve mentioned which of the 6 points above your case study refers to.

If you’re super keen and would like to share ideas relating to more than one of the areas, please write a discrete paragraph for each area as the case studies would be used in different chapters.

Thank you so much for your help!