In Conversation… Professor Tasmin Ford on the importance of schools in a child’s mental health

This podcast was recorded by ACAMH - The association of child and adolescent mental health. It had nothing to do with me but I'm a bit of a Tamsin Ford fan girl and think she talks a lot of sense so I was keen to share it. I hope you like it!

Professor Tamsin Ford’s work focuses on the effectiveness of interventions and services for children with poor mental health. This includes groundbreaking work such as the Incredible Years Classroom Management Course that is tested in the STARS trial.

In this 40 minute podcast, Tamsin, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Exeter Medical School, talks to Jo Carlowe, psychology journalist. They discuss Tamsin’s career path, attachment and early intervention, and explains why schools are an important setting in relation to child mental health.