Resource: How to support someone bereaved by suicide

I thought this resource worth highlighting.  It explores how best to support someone who has been bereaved by suicide.  It has been produced by UCL and the Support After Suicide Partnership. View / Download the full guide here. 

From the guide:

Few people like to talk about death, and many of us feel awkward around someone who has been bereaved, even if they’re a good friend or close colleague. We want to help, but worry about saying the wrong thing. Sometimes we can put off contacting them, and before long it may seem too late to say anything at all.

Alongside our uncertainty over how we should react to a bereavement, is the fact that people bereaved by suicide have signi cantly less chance of receiving support from friends

and family, and there are limited suicide bereavement support services across the country.

We hope this short guide will make you feel more comfortable about reaching out to someone bereaved by suicide.