Self-Harm Discussion Starter Activity

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

This is a discussion activity designed to get you thinking about self-harm. I used this activity by laminating each question individually then sharing them out a amongst a group and asking each person to read their question aloud and then comment on it, before inviting the rest of the group to add their thoughts. You could also play the relevant snippet from the video below to include the Mind and Body Team's reflections as part of your training.

Scroll down to download the PDF. You are welcome to use this in your training - I'd love to hear your feedback so please take a moment to comment if you use it.

You can view a video of some experienced practitioners discussing each of these questions below. Scroll down to navigate quickly to each question:

Questions in order, click on time stamp to go directly to a question:

00:15 - If we stop a young person self-harming using one method, they’ll move onto another

01:19 - “No decisions about me without me” – should this always apply in cases of self-harm?

02:16 - The more severe the injury, the more distressed the young person is

03:03 - If a young person is self-harming, our aim is to work towards a time when they are no longer harming themselves

03:52 - Some young people don’t want to stop self-harming. They should have a right to choose

05:10 - If a young person can’t explain why they’re self-harming, there’s not a lot we can do to help them

06:32 - Reducing access to means is an important means of reducing risk & harm

08:04 - If a young person’s self-harm is superficial, controlled and their wounds are well managed, there is no urgency for them to stop

08:53 - If a child has been harm free for six months and they slip up; it’s back to square one

10:00 - Risk taking behaviour isn’t something we should be overly worried about

13:19 - If we want a young person to stop self-harming we should ALWAYS…

14:02 - If we want a young person to stop self-harming we should NEVER…

This activity was developed as part of a training day I delivered to the Mind and Body Team. If you'd like me to train your team, drop me a line. You may also be interested in my self-harm topic page which automatically curates my most relevant blog posts and videos.