SELF HARM: resources worth sharing + my new book is out!

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My New book is out!

My new book The Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook: Practical Tips, Ideas, Action Plans and Worksheets for Making Meaningful Changewas officially released this week. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. I’m anxiously awaiting the first amazon reviews as I get super worried when my books first hit the shelves. (so if you’ve read it and like please consider reviewing it!)


Self-Harm resources

I’m very often asked to teach about self-harm and many of you have told me how helpful you find the practical suggestions I share – so I’ve done a roundup of my favourite videos and other resources on the topic:

Video: 12 ways to get through the next minute when you feel the urge to self-harm

Simple ideas to get through the minutes that are hardest to manage. Can be recommended to or shared directly with young people

Video: Self-harm- how to stop - recovery ideas that work

This video is aimed directly at people trying to stop self-harming. It looks at sustainable ways of stopping and staying safer

Video: Self-Soothe Boxes - what, why, how?

I explain what a self-soothe box is, how to make one and how to use them to support young people who are struggling with overwhelming thoughts or feelings

Video: Creating a healthier coping plan to help stop self-harming(feat. Buddy the Dog)

I explain a four-step process to approaching reducing or stopping self-harming by developing a healthier coping plan

Book: Can I tell you about self-harm

This is a simple guide that explains self-harm in child friendly language that aims to improve understanding of young people, family, friends and professionals

Book: Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools: A Guide to Whole-School Strategies and Practical Support

This book was based on years of PhD research and is a very practical guide to how schools can best understand, prevent and respond to eating disorders and self-harm

Hand-out: Pupil safety plan

Safety plans are primarily used with people at risk of suicide but are also helpful for pupils who self-harm with no suicidal intent. This example safety plan can be adapted for individual pupils’ use. I also made a video about safety planning.

Hand-out: Self-harm response flow chart

This simple flow chart helps you to decide next steps at school when a student self-harms

Hand-out: Healthy Coping Strategies and Alternatives to Self-Harm

Some of these ideas will feel like a perfect fit, whilst others will seem ridiculous to you; it’s just about seeing what works for you as we’re all different. These ideas have all been suggested by people who’ve self-harmed in the past, so they worked for someone!

Training: Understanding and responding to self-harm

Self-harm is increasingly prevalent, yet many colleagues report not really understanding it and worrying they’ll make things worse if they try to support a pupil. During this workshop, I answer the many questions you have about the what, why and what next of self-harm, both aiding your understanding and enabling you to help the pupils in your care – without fear of doing harm. Suitable for – all staff, all phases (can be adapted for parents)

Training: 10 (more) Practical strategies for supporting pupils who are struggling

This workshop is aimed at staff who are supporting students who are struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, self-harm or other distressing or challenging behaviours. The workshop is entirely practical and runs through 10 practical strategies that colleagues can use right away to support the students in their care. (This builds on the success of my original ‘8 practical strategies for students who are struggling’ session and introduces 10 new ideas). Suitable for – all staff, all phases (can be adapted for parents)

These sessions can be run as INSET, twilight session or conference keynotes or workshops. For more info email pooky@inourhands.comor download my suggestion/ information sheets: School INSET Training| Conference keynotes and workshops| Student Talks

The best of the rest…

And here are some other videos I created recently that aren’t specifically about self-harm but which I hope you’ll like:

TRY THIS?| Laminated kiss to help separation anxiety

YOUTH VOICE | How should mental health spending be invested?

EVENT VLOG: Staffordshire University Nursing Conference

TRY THIS? | No school bells at transition times

TRY THIS? | Wellbeing Peer Mentors

YOUTH VOICE | 5 things parents & carers need to know about mental illness

PERSONAL VLOG | I learnt to draw in five days!

TRY THIS? | Emotional Check-Ins for all School Staff

TRY THIS? | Emotional Freedom Therapy/ EFT / tapping

PERSONAL VLOG | My psychiatrist discharged me

And finally…

A reminder that if you like my videos, (I hope) you’ll like me even more in person; I’m happy to travel. If you’re interested in exploring having me come and train your staff or speak at your event, I’d be more than happy to set up a video call to meet with you and discuss your needs – email me Pooky@inourhands.comto explore.

With best wishes for a super September,


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