Videos to support new and aspiring mental health leads

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A brief update from me to make you aware of a series of videos I’ve been working on for mental health leads. I’ll be adding to the series in coming weeks but so far the videos include:

How to write an effective mental health policy

How to Run Effective & Engaging Parent Workshops

Self-disclosure when you're the trusted adult

Promoting wellbeing in the workplace - practical strategies for line managers

Supporting the Siblings of a Young Person with a Mental Health Issue

Let me know if there are useful topics you’d like me to add by emailing

I’m adding new videos to my YouTube channel every Tuesday and Friday – subscribe hereand turn notifications on to hear about them as they go live. I’m also pretty good at sharing them via twitter where I tweet as @PookyH.

Here are links to my other recent videos:

Over Exercise - Spotting and responding to the warning signs

5 things I hate about depression - a personal take

How and Why to Care Out Loud - practical strategy for teachers or parents

And some from the archive I thought it worth sharing again:

10 tips for starting conversations about mental health if you're worried about someone

How to prepare for your first therapy or counselling session

Box Breathing Technique - simple strategy to calm anxiety

How to get started on stopping self-harming

Over and out… have a lovely weekend, I’m off to unwind at choir practice, I hope you’re able to practise a little self-care too this weekend.

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