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June 5, 2024


I’ve had a few requests for ARFID resources so here’s a little thread of some hopefully helpful things 

Firstly, this video:

ARFID – strategies for supporting

For those who like to listen: 

What is ARFID and How Can We Support?

ARFID: Enabling Eating Worksheet: 


The worksheet helps us consider the things that feel safest to eat and the ways in which it feels safest to eat them

ARFID: Eating Motivation worksheet: 


This worksheet tries to find motivations for eating – because it can be hard and finding reasons to keep fighting can be helpful

ARFID: Food exploration worksheet 


This is something I put together for my own daughter and haven’t ever turned into a proper resource – but it was a turning point for us, and opened some brilliant conversations around food

How to Support Your Autistic Child with Food, Eating and Mealtimes:

A practical Guide for Parents, Carers and Other Supporting Adults 

https://amzn.to/3VsGhMd A little eBook for kindle

Or a PDF if you prefer:


I hope there’s something helpful in this little thread of ARFID resources – but do let me know what else might help you I’m also happy to answer questions from a first person perspective – though mine is just one story of course.

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