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January 1, 2024

INSET: From Masking to Thriving

These slides were developed for a full staff INSET session at a primary school in Berkshire in January 2024.

Here’s the session overview:

From Masking to Thriving: Navigating Autism & ADHD in Girls

Join Pooky and her daughter, Lyra, to unravel the complexities of neurodivergence in girls. Explore the concept of “masking” and why it often conceals the signs of autism and ADHD. Learn how to recognise these signs, and practical steps for supporting neurodivergent girls to ensure their success within and beyond school as well as exploring specific steps for a smooth transition to secondary education. 

The session will combine professional expertise with personal insights, providing a profound perspective on understanding and empowering neurodivergent girls.

If you were there, I hope these are a helpful aide-memoire. If not, I hope they make enough sense without me to be useful. If you’d like to download them, you can do so via this page on slideshare.

Further Resources

Here are some further resources you might find helpful to build on the session:

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